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Our goal is to support you as quickly as possible with our R.V. Consignment and sales services. We can arrange a meeting for a professional consultation, assess your needs whether it may be to consign, sell or trade your R.V.


About Us

Mark A. Santangelo, Consignment Sales Manager


R.V. World's consignment and resale operation is proving to be a popular alternative for our customers. Now we need more pre-owned motorhomes to keep up with the demand of used recreational vehicles.

            If you have a preowned RV that you would like to sell, call Mark A. Santangelo today! Our Florida RV dealerships are looking for good clean used RVs, motorhomes, minihomes, van campers, trailer and fifth wheels of any recent vintage. Depending on condition, we may purchase your used RV outright, or take it in on consignment or to the auction. Or if you purchase a new or preowned RV at R.V. World, we will consider your current unit in trade.

            No matter which option you choose, our goal is to get you the best price possible for your preowned RV. If you get a better offer from another Florida RV dealer, let us know, and we'll top it. After all, R.V.World is the "Home of the Happy Camper," and we want you to be happy too! Call today at (800) 248-1436 or email to msantangelo@rvworldinc.com  and let me help you turn your used RV into cash.
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Mark A. Santangelo, Consignment Sales Manager